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What if I told you that you could be learning Oracle Databases with its experts while sharing a
good cup of coffee with them?

Join our academy! (spanish)

Videos, tutorials, Masterclasses, live coffee events, mastermind via Zoom, challenges… Join us,
and learn all about Oracle Databases. It’ll feel like sharing a good time with friends.

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Internal Functions Masterclass

How to become an Oracle expert.

Questions on OCP 2019 exam.

Get Mentored

Don’t be alone. Let me mentor you and I will create a professional roadmap through 1:1 live coaching sessions once a month.

If you want to be an Oracle DBA, SQL or PL/SQL Expert Developer, Oracle Cloud Architect, I will support you and help you achieve your professional goals.

(Only Spanish currently)

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Meet other Oracle Database professionals and join the chat groups about DBA, Developement, etc. 

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Three levels of benefits

Café Salón

All the tutorials, scripts, mini-projects, videos, technical content, recorded masterminds, virtual café events, etc.

Also includes access to the private Discord Channels of “Café Salón”.

Learn Oracle as if you were enjoying a cup of coffee with us.

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VIP Lounge

Get all benefits included in Café Salón tier plus, join our mastermind and masterclasses live, and
participate in the voting process to decide new content.

This tier is for Oracle Professionals only, and grants access to all VIP Discord channels.

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 Mentor Dojo

Limited to 10 mentees

If what you’re looking for is a 1:1 mentorship to improve your Oracle skills in DBA and development this is your tier.

It also includes a monthly 1:1 session to create a roadmap to your
technical skills growth at Oracle.

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Meet they guy behind this place 

His resume might not fit in this tiny slot, and honestly, it shouldn’t really matter. What you truly
should know about him, besides that he’s such a super nice ordinary guy, is that he is willing to
share all his knowledge with you. Yes, you read that correctly, all his knowledge means all of it.

Javier Morales

Javier Morales

Oracle OCP DBA and ACE PRO

Oracle Certifications

Oracle OCP Database Administrator since 2002

Oracle OCI Architect Associate in 2020

Oracle ACE Pro – Database



Optimización SQL en Oracle (SQL Performance tuning in Oracle) – Spanish ISBN 13: 9781479190249.

Maybe soon a second edition in english?

Publications, awards and other tech stuff about me

Oracle Database Administrator Master in Experts Exchange.

Blogger at

Owner of “TechLevel” Company in 2009

Non Oracle Stuff

You may find me also playing guitar or piano. Good hand at cooking.

Father of three kids (all boys).


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