On May 12, a five-day Hackathon was held on the occasion of the World Innovation day of the United Nations.

I had the honor of mentoring the participating teams. During this time they had to come up with an app that would provide an improvement for the world. Various sponsors provided infrastructure for teams to develop their ideas using the Oracle cloud, development environments like APEX, etc. They could base their solution on a blockchain or data science utility. Of course, they could rely on artificial intelligence.

I want to introduce you to the three teams that I officially mentored. While waiting for the verdict of the judges to find out who the winners have been, I wish them the best of luck.


Team: Kinna AI Parenting – App: Kinna

Although this team is made up of only three people from Indonesia who are aware of improving parental education for families in Indonesia. His idea from the beginning was to integrate OpenAI with a debugging model aimed at providing reliable and personalized guidance, using natural language.

I sincerely believe that this application has a universal reach. What they described as a local situation is perfectly exportable to any country in the world. In fact, I myself tested your application by telling a real case based on a fairly common situation with one of my teenagers. Indeed, Kinna’s advice and contributions were very much in line with the recommendations of the educational psychologists I usually turn to.

What is the world problem that you intend to solve? Well, to begin with, there is a lot of false information or information from unreliable sources on the internet and, on the other hand, there is a great preference on the part of the population to receive professional attention through messaging applications. Kinna’s team carried out their study on data from Indonesia: 60% of parents consult parenting advice on the internet and one in two prefer to deal with matters of their children’s education through DM applications (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) .

This chat-bot, which works quite completely from its prototype, also allows you to respond in English as well as Indonesian.

You can try the application on Telegram by accessing the demo.






Team: Innovators4good – App: NutriFix

The Innovators4good team is made up of six people, four of whom are students from Pakistan and two are Full Stack programmers from Uruguay and Kenya. His project is based on improving the eating habits of the whole world, programming a solution that respects the local gastronomic culture and the customs of each region.

They have not only thought of an application, but of four modules in order to provide feedback on the user experience:

🥦 Nutri Control: Allows you to calculate the nutrients of each meal, and the rest to consider to prepare a suitable menu for dinner.
🍽️ Nutri Recipe: Generate personalized recipes, based on the ingredients of the user’s region, their tastes, preferences, allergies and intolerances. Who says a recipe, also talks about a menu plan for several days!
👥 Nutri Communities: A social network to connect with members of the same geographical area and the same culinary and food interests.
📚 Nutri Expert: A premium area to be able to have a personal nutritionist who conducts an individual study for each user.

According to them, with NutriFIX users gain greater knowledge about their diet, explore other ways of cooking and new healthy dishes, as well as obtain support from a community of users or even from a professional specialized in nutrition.






Team: MindfulInnovators – App: SerenitySphere

SerenitySphere is an AI-based application to address mental health issues with compassionate care, combining a chatbot system for monitoring and support. The main objective is to be able to identify, track and help people experiencing mental health problems by providing help and support while setting up emergency response systems.

This idea can also be extended to families and medical teams that, with the consent of the patient, can provide a security and emotional support system. Not only that, but all this information, anonymized and treated as a knowledge database, can be used to improve mental health therapies in the future and guide researchers on treatments that improve the health of patients and their family environment.

In my opinion, this application has great potential in the service of Humanity. First of all, to make visible in a friendly and caring way care for everyday mental illnesses such as stress or depression, activating security mechanisms that can function as prevention or early detection of suicide or other illnesses such as severe eating disorders, etc. The benefits for the user and the anonymous information that this application can generate can mean a great advance in mental health worldwide.

Take a look at the presentation video and the repository:



GitHub repository:



The jury’s verdict will be out soon. I really hope that one of these three projects wins an award, because they really deserve it. Making an application of these dimensions in a single weekend is totally incredible.

They have announced that for this year there will be the following awards:

1x Beginner’s Award
2x Runner-up
1x Bronze
1x Silver
1x Gold winner

Good luck, teams!!

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